Zamárdi Female Choir



The Zamárdi Female Choir was founded in 2005. Under the leadership of Irén Cziberéné Ráduly, choir leader and solfege teacher, they sing everything from medieval songs to modern, popular music covers. They have performed at numerous choir meetings and events, and have even performed abroad. The choir has received a certificate of recognition for Zamárdi from the town council and was awarded the Jenő Zoltán Prize (the Zamárdi Prize for Cultural Life).

The Female Choir of Zamárd in Somogy County has a 17-year history. They have performed at numerous choir meetings and events abroad, for example in Zamárdi's twin towns, in Malsch in Germany, in Székelyvécke in Szeklerland, in Borsi in the Highlands, in Ada in Serbia, in Viski in Transcarpathia and this year in Ipolovka in Slovakia.

One of the main goals of the choir is to establish and foster relations with Hungarian choirs from abroad, to promote and popularise amateur choral singing, and last but not least to preserve local values and build community through singing and music.

The members of Zamárdi Female Choir: 

Choirmaster: Irén Cziberéné Ráduly