Veszprém German Nationality Club Choir



The German Nationality Club of Veszprém was founded in 1991 with the aim of preserving traditions. Members have always sung for fun at club events and national meetings. On the 3rd Sunday of every month, they serve a German-language mass in the church of St. László.

The choir was renewed in 2007, when Erzsébet Fertig became the leader and János Navratyil the accordionist. They are happy to accept invitations to village festivals and German national days. They have performed several times in Passau and Vienna. They are regular participants in church music festivals and galas organised by the Landesrat and the county community. They have achieved three gold medals at national qualifiers. 

Choir Director: Erzsébet Fertig

Harmonica player: dr. Gábor Bojnécz