Franz Liszt Choir Society of Veszprém



The Franz Liszt Choir Society of Veszprém was founded in 1958. In the past 64 years of its existence, it has won numerous awards and qualifications, enriching the cultural life of Veszprém and enhancing the reputation of the town at home and abroad. Recently, under the leadership of two young choirmasters, Elek Lukács and Áron Varga, the ensemble has been renewed and is constantly expanding, currently with 25 active members. The Choir Society is a prominent artistic ensemble of Veszprém.

For decades, the choir's annual services have included an Easter concert, a World Music Day celebration, an Advent concert, and many other concerts, typically in church. Since the death of Kálmán Kollár, an annual memorial concert has been organised in his honour. Until the time before the virus, they also participated in festivals and competitions abroad every year. In the future they would like to open up to Protestant churches. Their aim is to organise and perform concerts for children and young people. In addition to scientific education, the choir also plans to found a children's and youth choir.

Members of the Franz Liszt Choir Society of Veszprém:

Choirmasters: Elek Lukács and Áron Varga