Szilágyi Bell Ensemble


The ensemble celebrates its birthday on 1 September 2007, when the bronze bell set was first handed over to the children. The last 15 years have been mainly about concerts in church services, but the ensemble is a regular participant in important events in the town of Veszprém and the Diocese of Veszprém. 

The ensemble is proud of the special awards and prizes it has won at chamber orchestra competitions, and of the special gold medal at the Helikon in Keszthely in 2018 and 2022. It has given concerts in the Abbey of Tihany, the Abbey of Zirc, the Matthias Church in Krakow, the Kinga Chapel in Wieliczka, the Rákóczi Ferenc College in Berehovo, the Catholic Community of the Swiss capital in Bern, the Lapland Santa Claus in the Old Town Square and the Croatian Santa Claus in Opatija.

The members of the Ensemble:

Students of the Szilágyi Christian School, grades 7-8.

Ensemble Leader: Márta Albertné Balogh