16th of June, 2022. 
Veszprém Sings Choir Festival

A thousand voices resound....with yours!

The Veszprém Sings Festival is a large-scale event for choirs supported by the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme. Children's, youth and adult choirs from Veszprém and its surroundings will perform and sing at six open-air venues in the city centre, with the active involvement of the public.

Festival programme

16. 06. 2022 | Thursday

Opening Gala event

Óváros Square

Joint show with all the performers
with the cooperation of the Choirmaster 
Árpád Tóth


20th century pieces of art
Óváros Square

Veszprém City Mixed Choir | Veszprém City Mixed Choir's Vocal |  
Zamárdi Female Choir


Renaissance works
Fortuna Courtyard

Orlando Vocal Ensemble | Gizella Female Choir | Opus Vocal Ensemble


Youth pieces

Simonyi School's Senior Students Choir | Szilágyi Bell Ensemble |
Simonyi School's Little Ones Choir |


Popular Plays

Kossuth Street | St. Imre Square
Gizella Female Choir | German Nationality Choir of Veszprém | Vetési-Lovassy Spanish Choir 


Poetry and Music

Károly Eötvös County Library, main entrance

Padányi Choir | Padányi Chamber Choir | Franz Liszt Choral Society


Musical delicacies

Kossuth Street | Next to Marica Café 

Franz Liszt Choral Society | Tinódi Chamber Choir Szilágyi Bell Ensemble


Closing Gala event

Óváros Square

Joint show with all the performers 
Beethoven Symphony No. IX - Ode to Joy


Venue in case of raining:
 Antal Csermák Music School (Veszprém, 5. Megyeház Square ) 

A free festival

 Bring your water bottle in the spirit of sustainability!

Our sponsors:
VEB 2023 | Dowland Foundation |  Agóra Veszprém Cultural Centre

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 "Sing for a little while and you'll have a happier day!"

One of the special features of the Veszprém Sings Choir Festival is the active participation of the audience, which means that the audience is not just a passive listener to the performances, but can also experience the community-building and health-promoting effects of singing by joining the choirs. Thus, in the six open-air venues, the streets, squares and parks of downtown Veszprém will be filled with the harmony of a thousand voices, together with the choir members and the audience, for the duration of the festival. A little teaser for singing regularly and with joy, even if you are in the shower...

Why should you sing regularly?

 Boosts the vitality

Singing tunes the body to the right vibrations, which increase our vitality. Experts recommend singing
for at least 5 minutes a day.

Improves memory

The improved blood supply during singing leads to increased brain activity: it starts to work more intensively, improves memory, makes it easier to recall any information

Improved breathing

Singing is very useful because it not only supplements breathing exercises, but also contributes to the development of correct breathing.

Dr. Árpád Tóth

The special guest of the Veszprém Singing Choir Festival is Dr. Árpád Tóth, an alumnus of the Music Academy and the Kodály Institute in Kecskemét, teacher of singing and music at the Vocational High School of Fine and Applied Arts in Budapest, leader of the improvisation choir of Csíkszerda, the initiator and main organizer of the Night of Choirs. For him, the practice of singing as a way of life began at school, where he was made fun of for constantly humming - in the street, at recess, and even in his sleep. He regularly holds workshops for choir leaders and music teachers around the world (in Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Mexico, China, Australia, South Korea), inspiring them to keep the fire alive and to ignite in others the spark of instinctive musicality that once existed in all of us. His belief is that at the beginning of the 21st century, it is time to break with the habits of choral singing and rethink the elements of creating something together. His performances prove that singing is 'cool'.

 A funny and uplifting talk by Dr. Árpád Tóth on the power of singing together:

 At the Veszprém Sings Choir Festival, the best children's, youth and adult choirs of the city and its surroundings will perform and sing at six open-air venues in the city centre


The Simonyi Children's Choir is a vocal music ensemble of the Simonyi Primary School of Singing, Music and Physical Education, which has been in existence for decades and is made up of senior pupils. Their greatest achievements include a gold medal at the national Singing Youth Choir Qualifying Competition. The choir has been awarded silver at the...

The Zamárdi Female Choir was founded in 2005. Under the leadership of Irén Cziberéné Ráduly, choir leader and solfege teacher, they sing everything from medieval songs to modern, popular music covers. They have performed at numerous choir meetings and events, and have even performed abroad. The choir has received a certificate of recognition for...

It was brought to life by the need to present a fun choral piece for children at the annual teachers' concert for our students. From the following year onwards, the choir became a permanent fixture at the Renaissance Days, which were linked to the summer Castle Life, and this permanent programme determined the main profile of the choir: the...

The choir was founded in 1956. Under the leadership of István Zámbó, it has won first prizes in numerous competitions and has achieved continuous professional success. Ágnes Erdélyi took over the choir in 1989, and the success story has continued regularly at national and international events, Europa Cantat events and the Kodály Days in Galánta....

In the Padányi Catholic School, the secondary school choir of the Padányi Schola Choir and other interested singers formed a Gregorian Chamber Choir in 2006 under the direction of teacher Erika Hutvágner.The Padányi Gregorian Chamber Choir sings mainly liturgical Gregorian chants and early music choral works.

The idea of Vetési-Lovassy Spanish Choir popped out of the minds of enthusiastic Spanish teachers in the spring of 2022, supported by even more enthusiastic Spanish-speaking students. The choir of students of the two grammar schools of Veszprém has no history together yet, but they hope for an even richer common future. Their repertoire consists of...

The secondary school choir of the Padányi Catholic School was founded in 1998 at the request of the Piarist director Tibor Borján, under the direction of István Zámbó, choirmaster of the Padányi Schola.From 2005 to 2008 the choir was led by Pál Vikman, and from 2009 to the present day it has been under the direction of Cecília Zsilinszky. ...

The ensemble celebrates its birthday on 1 September 2007, when the bronze bell set was first handed over to the children. The last 15 years have been mainly about concerts in church services, but the ensemble is a regular participant in important events in the town of Veszprém and the Diocese of Veszprém.

The Orlando Vocal Ensemble was founded by Pál Vikman, who is still the artistic director of the ensemble, together with eight former high school classmates. Their repertoire is based on sacred vocal polyphonic works by composers of the 14th and 16th centuries. The ensemble, which has grown to 16 members a few years ago, is now frequently performing...

Founded in 1977, the multiple competition-winning Snowdrop Ensemble was active until the end of 2012. The successor to the ensemble was the classical music group OPUS, which was revived in 2013. With 13 permanent members, the chamber ensemble's repertoire covers sacred and secular choral literature and related chamber music, from Renaissance...

The German Nationality Club of Veszprém was founded in 1991 with the aim of preserving traditions. Members have always sung for fun at club events and national meetings. On the 3rd Sunday of every month, they serve a German-language mass in the church of St. László.

The Gizella Female Choir, the flagship artistic ensemble of the City of Veszprém, was founded in 2002 in Veszprém by a group of music-loving ladies. The choir, which was awarded the Veszprém County Prima Prize in 2018, regularly performs at city celebrations and festivals. The final concert of the Gizella Days is traditionally given by the women's...

The Franz Liszt Choir Society of Veszprém was founded in 1958. In the past 64 years of its existence, it has won numerous awards and qualifications, enriching the cultural life of Veszprém and enhancing the reputation of the town at home and abroad. Recently, under the leadership of two young choirmasters, Elek Lukács and Áron Varga, the ensemble...

The choir was founded in 1956. Under the leadership of István Zámbó, it has won first prizes in numerous competitions and has achieved continuous professional success. Ágnes Erdélyi took over the choir in 1989, and the success story has continued regularly at national and international events, Europa Cantat events and the Kodály Days in Galánta....

We reserve the right for changes in the programme!